Program Usage:

The program takes as input a 'spec' file containing the componet values, number of nodes or mashs, transfer function, and frequency sweep range. The program contains an editor used to create the 'spec' file although this file can be created by any text editor. Note: It is very important that the "Spec" file be saved with an ".txt" extension as this is the type of file that the program will look for when opening a file. The build-in editor wasremoved in versions 1.0.0.

After the 'spec' file is read by the program, the user will click a button invoking a dialog window where the user will enter the node or mash equations. The equations are saved by clicking on the 'Submit or Save' button.

Next the user clicks on the 'Network Analyse' button creating the output results to be displayed in a new pop-up window.

The user can then click on the 'Plot Network Result' for a plot of the network responce. For DC Mash analysis the each mash current value is plotted. DC Node analysis plots each node voltage. When doing AC analysis the resulting transfer function magnitude and phase are plotted. The plot may be saved by clicking on the bottom right button on the plot window.

Check and run the examples in the 'examples' folder in the installed program.