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The  following NetAna packages are available for download, click or maybe double click on the file you wish to download. Please read the README.txt file included in the install package for the installation instructions. NetAna is also available at

Version 3.2.1 - Requires Python (=> 3.4)

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The following files are also available at:

Install file
New Wheel package (5)

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All users (6)

Version 3.1.0 - Requires Python (=> 3.4)

Source files
All users (6)

Install file Cross Platform - Linux, OSX, MSWindows (6)

Install file
New Wheel package (5)

  (1) The MSwindows version has been verified on XP service pack 3. as of 29 June 2011.
  (2) Untar any place then "cd netana-x.x.x/netana" then run "python install."  Verified - Debian & Ubuntu
  (3) To install, untar at file system root "/". Example: " cd / ; sudo tar xvzf FILE" wull install in /usr directory
  (4) To install, unzip at file system root "/". Example: " cd / ; sudo unzip FILE"
  (5) You must have 'wheel' installed to use this file. If not type: pip install wheel
        To install: wheel unpack wheelfile. This will unpack the wheel file in the current directory.
        For more help with 'wheel' type: wheel -h
        Example: wheel unpack  netana-3.0.1-py3-none-any.whl
  (6) Can be installed with "easy_Install" or "pip".